Midsummer Night's Dream Pop-Up Installation

Get your pass ready for the event conducted by Camberwell Art School alumnus Julie Goldsmith. Her work is inspired by poetry, fiction and music so get ready to see evening full of magic, inspired by A Midsummer Night's Dream, a comedy written by William Shakespeare.She also regularly exhibits in group shows and her work is in private collections.Her occasional art reviews are published in International Times.

Midsummer Night's Dream is one of the popular work of William Shakespeare which exhibit drama , love , adventure and many more elements will indulge you in the world of magic to best enjoy this event get your accommodation in kensington London . The story starts with ‘Hermia’, who is in love with ‘Lysander’ but her father ‘Egeus’ is not agree with her thereby demands that she wed ‘Demetrius’  whom he has arranged for her to marry.
The story revolves around these characters and other actors introduced inside lives on the same story. This include the adventures of four young Athenian lovers and a group of six amateur actors (the mechanicals) who are controlled and manipulated by the fairies who inhabit the forest in which most of the play is set.

Relive this wonderful play revamped in the most exciting way of presenting his work with some surprise element  added inside which will make you feel the story is more realistic as if everything is happening is truly belongs to you.

Don't miss this opportunity to go see this play in central London just a walk from  in the heart of the city ‘Mowbray Court Hotel’ as a lot is happening  nearby and get fascinated with this drama exhibit whereby you will get to see quality of research and efforts of the famous artist which will raise your goose bumps every minute that you don’t want to leave your seats till the end.