London’s Restaurant Row in New Quebec Street

The New Quebec Street is not called the restaurant row for nothing. If you have the cravings for a certain kind of dish, chances are you will find it in one of the many restaurants along this street. The street is accessible from hotels near Earls Court Tube.

You should take a look at what the following restaurants offer:

Daisy Green Food

This restaurant clearly shows a strong Aussie influence. Prue Freeman, the owner, spent her childhood in a rural farm in Australia. She returns to the place every now and then to find new inspiration.

Many family recipes are included in the menu, including recipes for rocky road and a banana bread. Prue seeks to sell healthy and fresh food. The pastry kitchen is on a 24-hour schedule. The meat is sourced from farmers in Norfolk.


TripAdvisor includes Zayna among the top 5% best restaurants in London. Zayna is a family-run restaurant that serves authentic North Indian and Pakistani food. It is owned by Riz Dar who is also the restaurant’s chef.

Many of Zayna’s faithful patrons go to the restaurant for the Murgh Taka Tuk, a chicken dish that is cooked slowly in a clay oven and later transferred to a griddle to be cooked further with green chillies, tomatoes, onions, and fresh coriander. Vegetarians swear by Zayna’s Lahori Chunay, a dish of chickpeas marinated overnight with garlic, onion, cumin, and ginger.

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Boxcar is rather new on this street, and is located near Mowbray Court Hotel. It tries to showcase fresh and local produce. The fresh produce is from the local markets. The beef is from North Yorkshire. The chefs decide on the menu based on what produce is in season.
The restaurant is popular for its 28-day-aged steak, its 45-day-aged burgers, and its pork pies.

La Petite Poisonnerie

The La Petite Poisonnerie is not really a restaurant where you can sit down and enjoy a meal at leisure. The restaurant has eight seats to accommodate people who want to eat in. Most customers, however, just pre-order certain items from the menu and pick them up to take home.
The place is a hybrid of Japanese and French influences. It sells black cod miso, sushi bento boxes, and a salt cod/olive oil recipe called the Brandade de Morue. The place gets 80% of its fish from the local markets. It gets its fresh oysters directly from France. There are plans to put up an oyster bar within the restaurant.

You should try out these restaurants along the New Quebec Street the next time you come to London. Look into the possibility of staying in Mowbray Court Hotel Kensington for comfort and convenience.