Speed and Style of the Ocean Liners - the V&A Museum Exhibition

The V&A, or the Victoria and Albert Museum, was established in 1852. 
Originally put up to educate and inspire British designers and manufacturing 
companies, it is now a museum that is well-known for its must-visit exhibitions.
The museum is home to more than 4 million artifacts representing hundreds 
of cultures including those of Japan, Korea, India, China, Europe, and the 
Islamic countries. Its spectacular collections include metalwork, glass, 
ceramics, and sculpture, as well as furniture, weaponry, armour, and costume.
Stay in Mowbray Court Hotel and make sure to drop by the V&A to view 
its latest exhibition, Ocean Liners – Speed and Style.
The show focuses on interesting tidbits about the ocean liners and their 
significant role in shaping the modern world. It highlights the romance, 
speed, and style that characterize the age of ocean travel, particularly 
during the period between the 1840s and the 1960s.
The exhibition is a showcase for fascinating moments in ocean travel. It 
features enthralling artifacts in a definitely breezy, fun and buoyant spirit. 
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be a part of this event.
It outlines captivating design stories behind the Normandie, the Titanic, 
the Canberra, the Queen Mary and other luxurious liners. It explores the 
dramatic facets of ocean travel, from its pioneering engineering to the 
charming and luxurious lifestyle and fashion demonstrated by people on board.
The exhibition includes a wide variety of interesting objects that include 
ship models, sculpture, paintings, fashion, film, posters, and photographs 
to help guests re-imagine the gloriously remarkable and romantic golden 
days of ocean travel.
The exhibition presents over 250 captivating objects, including luggage 
owned by the Duke of Windsor, a section of the original wooden paneling 
from Titanic’s first-class lounge, and a photograph taken of movie icon 
Marlene Dietrich aboard the Queen Elizabeth during the 1950s.
The exhibition starts with the Brunel's steamship from the Isambard Kingdom 
and traces the growth and development in ocean liner design. It features 
items to highlight the Kronprinz Wilhelm and its Beaux-Arts interiors, the 
iconic Titanic and Olympic, its sister ship, the Normandie and the Queen 
Mary, both designed as Art Deco palaces on water, and the QE2 and the 
SS United States and its streamlined and sleek modernism.
The V&A Museum is accessible from budget hotels Kensington. Go to 
the exhibition and find out why ocean liners have become part of modern 
films, literature and pop-culture. See why the modern cruise liner has become 
the phenomenon that it is today. Find out why people of today still feel 
nostalgic about the incredible ocean liners – the “floating palaces,” of yore.